Research-Data Management

Research Data? Research-Data Management?

Quality-controlled research data are one of the main pillars of scientific knowledge. Long-term archiving of research data as well as making them available serve not only to reproduce earlier results but to a high degree also to disseminate scientific and scholarly knowledge, and as basis for further research.
No universal definition of what research data are is currently available; research data are as diverse as research areas. In general, data created in the course of scientific and scholarly research, which serve as basis for new findings are considered research data.

To meet the “research data challenge” (with its inherent topics: long-term archiving and re-usability, data management-planning etc.) and to fulfill e.g. funding institutions’ requirements on research-data management the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg’s presidential chair and the Library and Information System (BIS) are cooperating on a service portfolio that will be available here in the near future.



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